"Who the hell is this Edward Cullen bloke anyways?" ― Ari in Blackout
Aristaeus William "Ari" Verardi is a main character in Ephemerality. He is a vampire turned by the first female Vampire, Neoma. He is the bastard son of King Henry VII and Mary Verardi, and the older brother of Hayley Verardi. He was described to be "a snarky and overly-confident vampire".

Ari was pronounced to be a bastard as his father was royalty and his mother was a lowly servant of the royal family. He was born and raised inside the palace, later becoming a servant and a combat trainer for the royals. The only thing known of his reason behind the decision of becoming a vampire is for eternal love. It is later discovered that Ari was being used by Neoma as her spy and consort.

He is close friends with Sebastian Young, and the former boyfriend of Phoebe McCartney. It is also hinted that Ari and Donny Castillo may have been linked in a past life.