"You love wholly, not excessively." ― Aurora in Blood Brothers
Aurora Katerina Castillo is the main female protagonist of Ephemerality. Aurora was born onto the Castillo Coven as the Heir Supreme. She is the daughter of Rhea Castillo and Erik Santana, and the older twin sister of Donny Castillo.

Aurora was described to be the ideal friend, daughter, and student. Despite this, Aurora hides deep-seated issues regarding her father and alcohol abuse. Her life would later change as she discovers that her family are all witches, and so is she.

Aurora is best friends with her childhood friends Phoebe McCartney, and Mateo Ortega. She is also romantically entangled with Sebastian Young, the step-brother of her rival, Veronica Mizuno. She is also close friends with Stefan Deveraux, her twin brother's best friend.

Early Life Edit

Aurora was born on June 8, 1996 to Rhea Castillo, a doctor at Thornwood Central Hospital, and Erik Santana, a businessman from New York, along with her twin brother Adonis Castillo. At a young age, Aurora was pressured to be a perfect example as her ancestor, Iman Castillo, along with the other Founding Families, brought Thornwood into existence.

Before Aurora and Donny were born, their mother would discover that their father was hiding a big secret all along; that he was engaged and the fiance was with child. Learning this, Rhea was forced to drive out Erik out of their lives, leaving the twins unfamiliar with their father in which he had not contacted them since they were born. Both twins have little to no information about their father; just his name and why he left them.

At the first day of kindergarten from Aurora's recollection, she sat lonely near the front, no kid wanting to talk to her since she was known to be the great Iman's descendant. Then, Phoebe McCartney, a blonde girl with pink ribbons in her hair, approached Aurora and assumed to be friends with her. This was expected since the McCartneys and the Castillos were the heads of Thornwood. Another kid, Mateo Ortega, who comes from the lesser founding families of Thornwood, came forward and assumed to be friends with both Phoebe and the twins.

When Aurora and Donny were 7, both got into a big fight and Donny ended up triggering Aurora's first sign of witchcraft, Pyrokinesis. Aurora set fire to the curtain and almost burned down the Castillo Estate, leaving Rhea no choice but to alleviate Aurora and Donny of the memory for their safety. Although this memory-wipe would later trigger bigger shows of Pyrokinesis from Aurora, the problem getting worse for Rhea. ("Fire Meets Gasoline").