"After two thousand years of living, I have never felt so alive whenever I'm with you." ― Markos to Neoma
Markos (also known as Marco Dunne) is the main male anti-hero of Ephemerality. He is one of the five Immortals, the first male Vampire, and the founder of the Circle. He was turned by Ambrosios in 142 BCE, Rome through the Immortality Spell. The ritual backfired and both him and Neoma obtained the blood curse, now known as Vampirism.

Little is known about his life as a human except for he was born and raised in Ancient Rome as an upper class architect, eloping with Neoma when they were 21.

He is first introduced to be a History professor in Thornwood High. It was revealed that he followed Neoma to stop her from achieving the century-long plan of killing the Original Witch. He originally was the antagonist but later became the mentor to Aurora and the gang.

Early History Edit

Markos was born on 163 BCE in Rome. He is the only child of the family and has lived under the pressure of his parents throughout his teenage years to become an architect like his father. Markos' family is one of the most well known families in Ancient Rome, as his father was the most famous architect. During his early teenage years, he met Neoma, an upper class maiden in which he described her as "an eternal beauty to halt the army of Mars himself". They later fall in love, their story abruptly ending as both families are rivals in terms of architecture.

As they spent their time apart, Neoma met the Greek twins, Ambrose and Natasa, whom would change their lives for eternity. Natasa ends up bringing the couple back together and eventually, they eloped when both of them turned 18. The time frame between this and the ritual remains unknown.

On 142 BCE, the hunt for Ambrosios and Natasa reached its peak, forcing Ambrosios' hand to offer immortality to their group. All accepted this offer; unfortunately, the spell backfired onto the group. The couple gained the Blood Curse, also known as Vampirism. So far, only Markos and Neoma are the only Immortals whose curse has been revealed.