"Destiny is just an excuse to let things happen without trying anything to avert it. Our lives are our lives. We write our own destinies." ― Mateo to Aurora in Blood Brothers
Mateo Ortega is a main character of Ephemerality. He is a supernatural hunter by birthright. He is the son of Maria Ortega and Samuel Holland, and the older brother of Mia Ortega. He was described as "a headstrong artist, too vulnerable for his own good".

Mateo is born to the Holland family, Thornwood's hidden original family. His family's legacy became his father's downfall as Samuel was killed by vampires when Mateo was 3. His mother was forced to change the family's surname to Ortega, her maiden surname. Mateo lived a normal life until the secrets of the Holland family was ousted by the first male vampire, Markos.

He is best friends with childhood friends Aurora Castillo , Donny Castillo, and Phoebe McCartney. He is also close friends with band-mate, Stefan Deveraux. He has expressed romantic feelings for Veronica Mizuno but got rejected in the end.