"You think this story has a happy ending? Pay attention a little more next time." ― Neoma to the Castillo Twins in Curtain Call
Neoma (also known as Naomi Olsen) is the main female antagonist of Ephemerality. She is one of the five Immortals, the first female Vampire, and the founder of the Neomad Clan. She was turned by Ambrosios in 142 BCE, Rome through the Immortality Spell. The ritual backfired and both her and Markos obtained the blood curse, now known as Vampirism.

Little is known about her life as a human except that she was born and raised in the Roman Empire as a maiden in the upper class. There, she met the twins Ambrosios and Natasa.

She is first introduced to be "the new hot senior" in Thornwood High. Her arrival marked the beginning of the animal attacks in Thornwood, starting the new supernatural streak. Her intentions were later revealed by Markos; she wanted to obtain the greatest weapon of all in which she went after centuries upon centuries. It was then discovered that the blood of the Castillo Twins served as the cure for all supernatural curses, and the only poison strong enough that can kill an Immortal.