"Don't try and save me, Selene. I'm not a charity case for you to fix." ― Nico to Selene in Ultima Petitio
Nicholas "Nico" Blackwood is a character in Ephemerality. He is first introduced towards the end of the first book. It is noted that he possesses supernatural abilities but little is known about him. He is the son of the late George and Marina Blackwood. He was also the older brother of Zara Blackwood.

He was born in Thornwood but the Blackwood family fled the town due to unknown reasons. Nico returned after 10 years without his family, earning him a hero's welcome as it was revealed that his family was killed due to a "car accident"; although the supernatural community does not believe this.

In Lunar, it is suspected that Nico was a supernatural being as Selene saw him in the forests running in an inhuman speed.

It is noted that only Selene knows what kind of supernatural being he is.