"You shouldn't let people dictate your future with their senseless words based on senseless opinions. If you do, then what was the point of living your own life?" ― Phoebe McCartney
Phoebe Olivia McCartney is one of the main female characters on Ephemerality. She is born with the Siren Curse which the D'or family inherited from their ancestor, Maximus. She is the daughter of Marcela and Henry McCartney, the younger sister of Penelope McCartney, and the older sister of Phoebus McCartney.

At the beginning of the book, Phoebe was depicted to be a typical high school blonde born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Her family was the town's most prominent, making her to be the Queen Bee of Thornwood High, something she never wanted. From social pressure, along with her mother's pressure, Phoebe was forced to become a person she did not want. Despite these, her friends stayed with her the entire ride, even when she drowns herself from the guilt of her brother's death, triggering her Siren Curse unknowingly.

Phoebe is best friends with her childhood friends Aurora Castillo and Mateo Ortega. She is the former girlfriend of vampire, Aristaeus Verardi. She is good friends with Donny Castillo, Aurora's brother, Stefan Deveraux, and Sebastian Young. Like both her best friends, her rival is Veronica Mizuno.