"Bitch has a nice ring to it." ― Selene Deveraux
Selene Deveraux is a main character of Ephemerality. She is a supernatural hunter and born into the Deveraux family, one of the founding families of Thornwood. She is the daughter of Flynn Deveraux, and the younger sister of Stefan Deveraux.

She was introduced as a very secretive person with an aggressive attitude towards other people as she was described to be defensive and closed. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York before moving back to Thornwood when she turned 7.

Selene is good friends with Mateo Ortega and was the former girlfriend of Donny Castillo. She has a strong dislike towards Veronica Mizuno, Sebastian Young, and Phoebe McCartney. At the end of book one, she has developed a liking to the mysterious Nico Blackwood.