"I have a tendency to hate everything good in life. I push away everything that's good for me except for the glitz and glamour of the rich life. That's my curse." ― Veronica in Ultima Petitio
Veronica "Ronnie" Mizuno is a major recurring character of Ephemerality. She is the daughter of Liane Young (nee Mizuno). She is also the step-daughter of Michael Young, and step-sister of Sebastian Young. She was described to be "an ambitious, self-righteous bitch who wanted the crown for herself".

Ronnie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California before her mother married Michael, a resident of Thornwood, when she was 13. She was forced to move to the small town, creating a hatred for her family and an overall bitterness that made her infamous at Thornwood High.

Upon learning about the supernatural in Thornwood, specifically the Circle, she begged Markos to turn her into a vampire as she longed for a long, glamorous life. She was then rejected by him. This caused her to beg Neoma instead, getting her dragged off to a disclosed location, her fate unknown.

She is the girlfriend of star athlete, Stefan Deveraux, and rivals with Aurora Castillo, Phoebe McCartney, and Selene Deveraux. She rejected Mateo Ortega's romantic confessions, telling him that she was "way out of his league".